Public Service Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented to a public service professional (living or deceased) who has dedicated years of leadership service where he/she significantly advanced the public safety profession and has furthered the cause of the mission of public safety.  Recipients of this award are recognized for making extraordinary contributions and sacrifices through work that positively impacted his/her organization and community.

Public Service Hall of Fame

The PSA Awards Committee will identify and recognize up to 5 Lifetime Achievement Award recipients with the prestigious Hall of Fame induction for demonstrating careers that have greatly contributed to the advancement or promotion of public safety and community service in the pursuit of justice and the protection of freedoms and constitutional rights.

Administrative Professional Excellence Award

This award recognizes public service employees who have made exceptional contributions to sustain and strengthen their organizations. This individual has continually shown dedication and commitment to the agency through innovation and by either making significant contributions over a period of time to a specific project, which has had an important and positive impact on the agency, organization, or community.  The involvement of the nominee should have directly resulted in one or a combination of the following:  demonstrated administrative/secretarial skill, support for personnel internal and/or external, or demonstrated creativity/resourcefulness in accomplishing major assignments.

Award of the Purple Heart

The award of Purple Heart is given to those who have sustained personal injury or sacrificed their life in the performance of duty.

Claude “Jake” Miller Public Safety Member of the Year Award

This award recognizes a public safety member who has made outstanding contributions to Public Safety/Community Service and his/her organization, or who has demonstrated conspicuous valor or bravery in the performance of their duties.  This award recognizes professionals from the public safety community who have shown unusual initiative, dedication and imagination in the performance of their duties involving the mission of their organization. The quality of service or effort is the essential factor.

Distinguished Merit Award

This award recognizes public service professionals who have performed with exceptional skill, technical expertise, commitment and innovation while demonstrating sustainable results.  The nominee should demonstrate exceptional performance and/or have demonstrated an act of outstanding personal bravery in the line of duty and defense of state and citizens at imminent personal hazard or risk of life.

Emerging Influential Award

Presented to an emerging influential (40 years old or younger) for exceptional leadership and outstanding contributions to the community during the past year.  This nominee represents innovation and embodies how business success, professional growth, passion, mentorship and community involvement go hand-in-hand with public service.

Exceptional Citizen Award

This award may be presented to individuals or groups who demonstrate outstanding achievements in some or all of the following:  exceptional volunteer service to a public agency or the community, willingness to extend themselves to help others, improving quality of life in the community, and exemplifies good Samaritans and citizenship.

Heavy Lifting Award

This award is presented to exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled educators, managers or leaders in any state-approved or accredited Brevard County School, to include post-secondary institutions, who have gone above and beyond normal duties and have demonstrated the highest degree of commitment, professionalism and excellence.  This individual demonstrates the ability to inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn; have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues; play an active role in the community; are poised, articulate, and are highly effective advocates for their students.  Nominees can be either current, former or retired employees.

Leadership Award

This award recognizes individuals who have excelled in community oriented activities that are collaborative, cooperative and leadership proactive.  The award highlights the importance of social responsibility, community involvement, and the development of enhanced relationships that are essential to Brevard County.  Nominees should display exceptional decision-making skills, foster motivation and remain true to the highest ethical standards.

Making a Difference Award

Recognizes individuals or groups who have made contributions to improving the quality of life for citizens of Brevard County, through expertise, spiritual/emotional representation, faith based leadership, ingenuity, generosity, education and health care for members of the public service community which significantly impacts the lives of others.  Special consideration will be given to those that embody the spirit of collaboration with other businesses, non-profits or governments, in social responsibility and professional development efforts.

Norm Wolfinger Justice Award

This award recognizes innovative and effective individuals and/or programs whose efforts have made positive influential differences in improving local, state or federal systems of justice in either criminal or civil arenas.  This award recognizes professionals who have shown unusual initiative and imagination in the performance of their duties involving the mission of the organization, integrity and character, contributions to the public good and welfare, trial advocacy, and to the legal profession.  The quality of service or effort is the essential factor.

Outstanding Military Service Award

Presented to a Brevard County citizen, business or organization for outstanding and visionary contributions for supporting the region’s military community, their families and/or veterans during the past year.  Special consideration will be given to nominees who have created and fostered a long-term commitment to supporting these efforts.  The award also recognizes members (Active/Reserve/Veterans) of our Armed Forces who have performed with exceptional skill, sacrifice, technical expertise, commitment and innovation in partnership with our local public safety/service members while protecting and in defense of our state and citizens.

Outstanding Non-Profit Award

Presented to a Brevard County associated non-profit for outstanding and visionary contributions to the community during the past year.  Special consideration will be given to nominees who demonstrate excellence in collaboration with businesses, other non-profits or government, in their social responsibility efforts.

Partnership Award

This honor recognizes an individual, business, group or organization for continued or exceptional performance, support and advancement of public safety and community service.  Additionally, the award may be presented to a Brevard County individual, business, institution or organization for their community support, commitment to health and the environment or professional development of the future public service members through professional excellence and innovative practices.  The recipient should have demonstrated an ability to be progressive, innovative and whose assistance to public safety and service had a positive bearing on an outcome while contributing to the furtherance of public safety awareness, community involvement and sustainability.

Young Citizen Award

This award is presented to secondary or post-secondary students (21 years of age or younger) who best exemplify the spirit of zealous volunteer community service.  The nominee must be in good standing at a secondary or post-secondary educational school in Brevard County, demonstrate outstanding community service, and display humanitarian principles by word and deed. The nomination should be for the quality of the humanitarian activities rather than the quantity.   The student’s age must be included.